“Balancing Dreams” beginins with a search that develops your dramaturgy with circus technics and playing a game to talling a history with a playful and a lot of cenic simbols providing some sensations those whants to leads the spectator by a fruition way with subjectivity dictate the logic .
One person, one woman, one bride needs to reorganize their life alone therefore she get lost your groom. Now, all tha she have is your flowers and adornments from a fake life tha was based in expectations by a unreal nirvana those can provide frustrations, unlove and desapointments.
Stay naked and find in the public the necessary cumplicity to understand tha corage have the same high wich our scares. An so, undesrstan that if we want the impulse, we need the risk get new flyghts and the better choice is to take a new point of view for ours life until the felicity.
And, found balance on the unbalance provides by the tightrope conduce to the playful joking betwen the circenses skills and the comicity
With a hard techiqnique ans circus skills there are the perfect argues and excuses to deveolp the scene -game that flute in some energy atmosphery balancing poetru, simbols, comic and undailly routines.

Technical Sheet

  • Creation: Celeste Zalloechevarría
  • Interpretation: Celeste Zalloechevarría
  • Directed: João Carlos Artigos
  • Costume: Laly